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Posted by Wayne Bretski

Holy ignoring your blog, Batman.

Since last I posted, Miss Bee and I visited Vegas, but didn't take any pictures to post. Sorry. We enjoyed a wonderful time with the family Buttar, and are just now sending off thank-yous to them for including us in their Christmas celebration.

Two nondescript weeks of work later and here we are, a mere 5 days from vacation.

Here's some links to tide you over:
The New York Times annual year in ideas 2008 - always interesting reading.
New blog from mathematician Terrence Tao - this link is to an airport-based puzzle (Hat tip Tyler Cowen)
Netflix is now streaming movies instantly to Macs! No more waiting two days for your new movie to come.
The New Yorker now has a digital edition of their magazine. As a subscriber it is free to me. Hit me up if you would like the login details to read all of the New Yorker articles.
The A.V. Club interviews Wes Anderson on the eve of the Criterion release of his debut film "Bottle Rocket". Here's the talk, here's information about the film.


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