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I forgot about how Blogger reverses the order of your pictures, so they're in pretty much backwards chronological order of the way they were baked. (Of course, if this were Mac OS X software I could just drag the pictures around. Damn Windows...and Google while I'm at it.)

Ok, this was the whole spread. There are no surprises anymore. But c'mon, that's a lot, right!

Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.

This was a double chocolate bar with peppermints...didn't work out. These babies stuck to the pan like it was a mama bear and they were cubs. No dice.

Pound cake.

Less awesome photo. They were great, and didn't last very long.

Oh, my contribution? .... The kitchen was clean when we were done. Enough said.

These are called Blondies: brownies without the chocolate. Butterscotch chips were a last minute audible for Heath bars (we couldn't find any..) and they turned out amazing. Except for the appearance. They didn't really look right. So we ate the whole thing!

Coffee cake

This our counter after we got home from the store. Oh boy.

Miss Bee got a new toy.

I guess we didn't get a photo of the oatmeal cookies with Craisins...those were good too.

These were for Miss Bee's first grade team members. The rest went to the office staff and the rest of the faculty. It took a few hours, but it was worth it.

All recipes came from the Mark Bittman book "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian".


Good to see a man in the kitchen I don't care what his contribution is! Actually, doing the dishes would be the best contribution ever.
How come I didn't get to see any of those goodies being baked in my kitchen?

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