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Like those Obama posters created by Shepard Fairey? Roll your own at

I know that's right!

The Cereal Aisle  

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Maybe I just need to get out more, but I found all of these pretty hilarious.

I'm getting into blogging from the new Picasa for Mac. It loads so fast, especially compared with iPhoto, and I don't need to open a browser, upload photos, etc.

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Testing: Posting from Picasa  

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I'm not sure how much I like posting pictures from the new desktop Picasa client. It's definitely kind of nice, though. More to come.

**Update** Weird formatting alert. I'll have to look into this.
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Family Picture '08  

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Thanks to our hosts!

L to R: Miss Bee, Mister 'Chicken', Li'l Sista, Pops, Moms, and Joe
(names changed to protect the innocent)

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