A new DIY Coffee table  

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..aaand..We're Back  

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We have finally appeared to resolve our Internet issues. There has been an update to the website.

As always, any questions or comments, requests, etc. can be directed my way:
bret [dot] sikkink @ gmail [dot] com

J. Dilla  

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3rd year since the passing of James Yancey. I've been meaning to post this sample: the centerpiece (to me) of "Donuts" and a cool flip on the Jackson 5 original.

Listen: "Time: Donuts of the Heart"

Listen: Jackson Five - "All I Do Is Think of You"

We're Getting Married  

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Not my best picture, but we took it the night we got engaged.

Okay a little late, but here's some breaking news. Miss Bee and I are tying the knot this summer in Des Moines [Gracious bowing]. If you actually read this page, you're probably already aware. For more news, etc. I have created a Google Site about the wedding: check us out here. There will also be a blog dedicated to these updates, for those who prefer to get their news via RSS. Last but not least, I'm working on a e-mailing list - don't freak out if you haven't gotten anything yet. I'm still working.

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