Statistics; and, Happy Days  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

We are 34/40 = 85% done with the school year. Oddly enough, that places us on Spring Break this week. So far, that has amounted to multiple episodes of Law and Order: SVU, some significant allergy issues, and a large amount of Dim Sum.

I wrote two 1,500 word papers this week, plus some detritus, and consequently finished two of my online classes. Therefore, I am 8/12 = 75% done with my Master's.


My new MacBook Pro (middle) includes a 500 GB hard drive among other amenities. The wireless Time Capsule hard drive/wireless router I also got is 1 terabyte (not pictured, but awesome).

The Time Capsule has enough capacity for both my new hard drive plus Miss Bee's (on the right, ). My MacBlack is too old to sync wirelessly (OS X 10.4.11 Tiger), but I can connect to the files already on the drive.

My old machine (three years and two months) has not been shut down for 31 days. Not bad for a computer out of warranty.

I am approximately 80% done with the "transfer of computing activities to new laptop" process.


Chrysanthemum is 0% able to procreate, according to a signed document from her veterinarian as of today. Pictured is The Wild Mumpus herself, three days before surgery, enjoying her first boat ride. She actually did seem to enjoy it.

Paws will now recuperate for the next 10 days or so. The pain pills are scheduled to last 3.33 days, with one pill taken per 8 hours. Her next scheduled dose occurs at 2:00 AM.

She is moderately disoriented, with spurts of activity followed by long breaks of idleness. Which, incidentally, is not terribly different from her normal condition.


2009 League Champion Diamondbacks are 1-2 so far this season. Not too good.

Chrysanthemum watches her father closely during the games (after going 0-3 in the first game, I'm 5-5 with a sac fly the last two weekends).

Good story: in our first game, we are losing by 6 runs, with a 10-run rule in effect. It's the last inning, so we bring in a new pitcher, who turns out to be a right-hander who has injured his right shoulder hiking. So he pitches left-handed, which is impressive.

His accuracy was much less so, however, and he walks 6 guys in a row. Now we're down 9 runs, bases loaded, nobody out. So they bring me in - if the man on third comes in, we lose. I run the count to 1-2 and throw my first curve ball. The batter hits a weak grounder to my left, which I manage to snare on the move. I spin and fire to the plate - and overthrow the catcher. Game over.

The House of Tomorrow  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

I had been meaning to blob this before, but the New York Times Sunday Book Review (!) galvanized me to action:

Peter Bognanni's book The House of Tomorrow is on bookshelves (and Amazon) now.

I ordered my copy today (belatedly, as Mark posted the Boston Globe's review like two weeks ago) and I'm excited to read it. Peter's web site is here, with lots of reviews and information about the book.

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