"world music" mix  

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Per special request from Derek, asking about accessible "world" music.

Posting the whole mix is a bit lazy, but school starts on Monday and this summer has been a bit hectic to say the least.

"World" music is a hard axe to grind, but I just compiled some easy-listening jams from around the globe. Very accessible for the most part. Sometimes, I just wanted to include an artist (e.g., David Byrne) for their contribution to worldbeat styles.

Others, such as Paul Simon's Graceland album, I simply don't have in a digital format handy.

Here goes the download
. As always, check the tracklisting in the picture.

Honeymoon pictures  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

That's us at a park in Cambridge, Mass.

Probably most of you have seen them, but if you want to look at honeymoon pictures, click here.

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