Really Great Gifts  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Here are some great pre-Christmas gifts from the giving season so far.

A hand grater for cheese and other things:

It's great. I feel like I work at an Italian chain restaurant. Miss Bee got it for me at the grocery store.

Here is Miss Bee's gift to our friends at her 30th birthday party: a shoe-box full of snickerdoodles.

That very same (amazing) friend gave us this at dinner the other night: the complete set of Seinfeld, seasons 1-9. That's 32 discs of straight-up white-people awesomeness. We're midway through season 2 after a good old-fashioned TV-on-DVD binge.

The wooden crate holds ten chubby bottles of the Irish red that Brian and I brewed (see earlier post). It's bottled and nearly ready to go: it's fridge-ready tomorrow and delicious already.
Des Moiniaks, look out for some Seinfeld-obsessed Phoenicians coming your way in T-minus 2 days.

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