New Orleans  

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Finally, summer vacation. We went to New Orleans for a wedding (see Miss Bee's facebook for some shots) and stuck around for five days to check out the city, and we loved it. Here are some of the photos we took, and the whole album is up on Picasa.

Waiting for the streetcar - notice Chrysanthemum's new carrier. Not pink!

Miss Bee waiting for the Tater Tachos at 13 Monaghan. Actually that wasn't this particular visit - yes we went to the same restaurant twice. When in Rome...we don't eat seafood.

The trees! I think this was in Louis Armstrong Park near Congo Square, the birthplace of jazz. We could hear the drum circles from all across the park.

Another restaurant we ate at twice was in this alley. The Green Goddess was fantastic, with options for vegetarians and carnivores, not to mention the impressive drink menu.

The mules pulling the wagon tours drove Chrysanthemum UP THE WALL. She could hear the bells they wore from blocks away (even over the sounds of 8 different bars playing music all at once).

This is such a classic shot of the French Quarter.

Yes, we went to Cafe du Monde and got beignets. No, we didn't try any seafood. Yes, we took a walking tour and a bayou tour. No, we didn't take a plantation tour. Yes, we rode the St. Charles streetcar to its terminus in Carrollton. No, we did not take the Canal St. line to its terminus in City Park (if we had one more day...). Yes, we walked Audubon Park and Magazine Street in the Garden District. No, we did not walk a cemetery officially, although we saw Saint Louis #1 (Easy Rider).

Yes, we went to Rue Bourbon. No, we didn't like it, not even a little.

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