Chrys Goes to the Park  

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Our first park visit. We're going to try and make this a regular feature here at the Stare: go to a park, play with the pooch, and take some pictures. For the first installment, and Chrysanthemum's first real park experience (the school playground...meh), we stopped by the Creighton School District office, which has a cute little park-backyard with houses all around. It's less than a block in both directions, and in a small community off the main streets, so we've never seen anyone there. It's on the way home from Sprout's grocery store, so we're committed to coming here more often.

At first she just ran around a little bit, following mom and dad. But after we got the Frisbee out, she started running almost the length of the park - we've never seen her run probably half that far, and definitely not in the grass. She was pretty interested in the disc right away, so we let her play with it for a little while.

Bottom side up:

And top side up:

One with dad for the road:
It's cold and rainy here today. We were going to hit the big park today, but we didn't think she would like the wet grass. As it turns out, this was an even better choice for her first park visit.

We got some great stuff for her on Amazon today too. We'll take pictures when we get her new collar, and links to her training books. We've also got a Big Surprise, which will be So Much Fun. Hint: it involves self-propelled transport.

Also, head to himissbee for some additional pictures and a List of All The Things We Love about Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum.
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More Chrys  

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Look at the girl!!!!

She got into this perch before we left the house where we bought her. Our little parrot...

Her orange blanket with her mini-tennis ball - she can't quite get it into her mouth yet.

Calendar, greeting card, etc. industries? Email me if you need our number...

She likes to lay on this big couch pillow on the ground.

Good night.

Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum  

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Our new family portrait

Chrysanthemum (yes, named after the Kevin Henkes character) turns 8 weeks old tomorrow. She's a miniature dachshund whose parents are also both minis (dad is apparently also part mountain goat, judging from his antics on the sofa during our visit). We haven't measured her, but without her tail she is just under the length of my size 12 loafers. No, the picture does not cut off ANY part of her body.

She has had one accident per day in the house (#1, as they say), her crying when we keep her in the kennel is heartbreaking, and I don't think either of us have slept for more than 3 hours in a row since we got her on Tuesday. However, she is learning to walk on the leash really well (she can get to our door without any guidance from just inside the hallway), the last two toileting problems were my fault, and she's so damn cute when she curls up inside the crook of your arm... Tonight, on our walk, she literally walked up my outstretched forearms to get off the cool grass and into my arms.

This has been a tough week, what with waking up every couple of hours, coordinating break schedules, and teaching leash skills. I also started teaching adult English class this week, so everyone give a hand to the 23 people who came on Tuesday and the 24 on Thursday. The even mix of Somali speakers and hispanohablantes make it tough to converse as a group, but there is a lot of smiling! So sorry for not getting a picture up sooner, and be sure to let us know when you're sick of them.

We've got some digital camera pictures of our new family member as well and I hope to post those quickly. Also, one of our new year's resolutions was to post more stuff to hasn't gone that well since the airport, but then again, our lives are boring. More Chrysanthemum to come, and we can't wait for everyone to meet her.

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