Chrys Goes to the Park  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Our first park visit. We're going to try and make this a regular feature here at the Stare: go to a park, play with the pooch, and take some pictures. For the first installment, and Chrysanthemum's first real park experience (the school playground...meh), we stopped by the Creighton School District office, which has a cute little park-backyard with houses all around. It's less than a block in both directions, and in a small community off the main streets, so we've never seen anyone there. It's on the way home from Sprout's grocery store, so we're committed to coming here more often.

At first she just ran around a little bit, following mom and dad. But after we got the Frisbee out, she started running almost the length of the park - we've never seen her run probably half that far, and definitely not in the grass. She was pretty interested in the disc right away, so we let her play with it for a little while.

Bottom side up:

And top side up:

One with dad for the road:
It's cold and rainy here today. We were going to hit the big park today, but we didn't think she would like the wet grass. As it turns out, this was an even better choice for her first park visit.

We got some great stuff for her on Amazon today too. We'll take pictures when we get her new collar, and links to her training books. We've also got a Big Surprise, which will be So Much Fun. Hint: it involves self-propelled transport.

Also, head to himissbee for some additional pictures and a List of All The Things We Love about Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum.
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I think you'll have to get a smaller frisbee, she can use it for a bathtub!! What a dolly I can't wait to hold her, tell her not to grow to fast!!!! What a great name...long name for a looooong doggy.


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