New Table on the Porch  

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Thanks to our friend Pam for giving us the little table, and to anonymous Goodwill donors for the chairs. Also, there's my bike in the background; thanks to our friends Jake and Stevie for providing that to me (Jake got the frame, Stevie built it). Thanks to Miss Bee for the lentil soup.

This post reminds me of the old "emotionally disabled" class teacher at our school (she quit about a month into school). For even the tiniest little thing that you did for her, she would thank you effusively. Sample conversation:

Her: "I'm so sorry to bother you. Sorry. What page are we on in the new teacher manual?"
Me: "No problem, we're on page 64."
Her: "Thank you soo much. Thank you. Thank you."
...Five minutes later...
Her: "I'm so sorry. Do you have the extra sign-in sheets? Sorry to bother you, I'm so sorry."
Me, growing annoyed: "Yeah, they're right here [in front of your face]."
Her: "Oh, sorry, they're right there. Thanks! Thank you soo much. Thank you. Thanks."


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