Good old fashioned food post: spanikopita, sprouts, pretzels, egg salad  

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Poised and ready.
The olive oil is in that device in order to sprinkle it over phyllo dough more evenly. It doesn't work that well. Case in point.

This is the first spinach pie we tried.

It tastes so good, and it's so damn easy to make.

Fry up some garlic in hot oil, add some chopped pine nuts. Wilt a ton of spinach, like a pound. Or more. Once there's some room in the wok, take it off the heat and add a bunch of feta cheese. Like the whole carton. Let that warm up. Put a few pieces of phyllo on the bottom of a pan, any pan. Oil them up. Toss in the spinach and cheese. Eat several bites of the spinach because it's delicious. Top the pan with four or so more pieces of phyllo. Layer if that's your thing. You're looking at 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees, until the phyllo is brown and crispy on top.

We also love Brussels sprouts. Talk about a bad reputation; these things are great. Steamed is nice, boiled a joy. Lately we've been searing them in a pan cut in half, they really soak up the garlic, then broiled for a few minutes. Not long, repeat, not long. Twelve minutes is too long.

Here they are with some garbanzo beans that cooked in the wok after the sprouts were done and in the oven. Two birds with one stone.

Egg salad: this was a Miss B. creation, I know nothing really, other than she made the mayo and that it was vegan. The mayo, that is. Obviously egg salad is going to have an inherent veganism problem.
In other great news, we went to our friend Alex's mom's house for Easter. We went home with five bags of lemons among the three of us, freshly picked off her lemon tree. That night we went to Alex's and juiced a ton of them. This is not all of the juice we got.

Miss B. and I took home about a gallon of lemon juice and more zest than one recipe is going to be calling for. Alex's mom's lemonade is famous, and simple: equal parts lemon juice and sugar, 8 parts water. So we have approximately 16 gallon capacity right now.

One time, Alex made pretzels.

This photo is a great computer desktop.

This picture was supposed to be with the spanikopita but I hate the blogger picture interface and don't feel like messing with it.

But that's a wok-full of spinach, huh?



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