I went to Disneyland  

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And it was fun.

We drove into L.A. on Tuesday, Miss Bee's sister in tow.

We went to the beach pretty much right away.

Manhattan Beach:

Miss Bee and sis on Main Street USA

My favorite part was New Orleans.

We rode Pirates of the Caribbean a couple times. We also ate at the Blue Bayou, which was right down this street, and is inside the Pirates ride. The food was, perhaps not surprisingly, one of the highlights of my day.

Lowlight: Splash Mountain about an hour before sundown. We waited 90 minutes (sign said 55 min. wait) to get soaked as the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. We had three sweatshirts until the one in the picture got soaked and was rendered useless. I didn't look this bad but my jeans were very wet.

The next day we biked to Venice Beach, which was a little much but still enjoyable. As you can see, a lovely day. Miss Bee had her bike but Nat and I were on cruisers for three hours, leading to a certain amount of soreness.

There were also sunburns all around, and some pretty horrific hunger upon return. But it was fun.

These pictures are all from Miss Bee's camera, while Natalie also had one. Both sets can be found on my Picasa page. To see all the pictures we took on our vacation to Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, and Disneyland, including but not limited to interesting beach houses, a hang glider, my uncle J.D.'s boxer Jackson, and of course, Disneyland, click here. Sorry for the fireworks pictures, they suck. Haha.


We think your photos are great! Thanks for a wonderful week for Natalie

Momma Karen and Papa John

Enjoyed your pictures, I wish I knew how to do it I'd send you mine. Maybe I'll have Arlys come over and show me how.

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