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Just a few pictures littering my desktop:

If you don't read lips, I'm saying "Why is the camera only aimed at me?"

A Lincoln Log house I made for the kids to enjoy.

My fifth grade art teacher had this quote on the wall, so when it came time to make things for a fourth-fifth grade classroom, it came to mind. It survived the move, and has been reunited with Dorothy.

And this I drew for Leslie's planner, but it was a bit too large. I put a lot of time into it, and only six year old's see it, so now the Internet can.


Pretty cool stuff and I'm sure very unappreciated by 6 year olds!!! So I'm glad I got to see it! The lincoln log tree house was pretty cool too. You know we never had enough of those to ever create much. Just think of the lego things you could build!! Life size too!

Gosh! If only I had my Legos....

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