Cous cous and Chickpeas with Red peppers  

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Bet you'd thought we'd stopped cooking, and ordering take out pizzas for our sole dietary intake. Only partially true: we got our favorite Chicago style deep dish from Rosati's on Sunday, which takes two full meals to eat, and survived the rest of the time on leftover enchilada materials and broccoli salad.

But tonight the lights were back on, and under pressure too. With just under 35 minutes to cook, eat, and be back to school, this is what was whipped up:
Cous cous, with oil and salt
Basil leaves, with oil, garlic and salt..
Joined with chopped red peppers, a can of chickpeas,
and a handful of cilantro and chopped pine nuts.
Scoop the rice, pour on the vegetables, top with sun dried tomatoes and yogurt cheese, sprinkle with cilantro.

In the words of John Madden: "Boom!"

Which reminds me. Check out Frank Caliendo's impression of Madden on YouTube. Do it.

Also, our dishwasher drain was clogged, and spilled soapy water over our kitchen floor on Monday, which was terrible. It was the first time we had ever run the dishwasher (it's normally just a drying rack) so who knew? But now the floor is quite clean and the clogged hose is no longer clogged.


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