Cold cucumber soup with rice  

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I have to admit that I had no more conception of what this would taste like before I made it than you do now. But I think it turned out rather well, a good dish for summer. Which it still is here.

Cucumber soup:
I made this by processing pine nuts, walnuts, garlic, a little onion, and a whole English cucumber, with a handful of fresh basil leaves. That made a nice little paste, I heated it with olive oil and salt over the stove while I cooked some salted, peppered and seasoned garbanzo beans until they were crunchy. I added the beans to the soup, stirred, and removed from heat.

Then I made a giant pot of rice.

After a couple hours of refrigeration, the soup was served cold, with yogurt cheese-infused rice and cold cherry tomatoes, and a sprinkle of cilantro and green onion. Hooray experimentation.


Too bad you weren't home I've got cucumbers coming out of my ears!!

I'm probably jealous of the tomatoes too...

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