Potatoes and greens  

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Tonight I was planning to have twice baked potatoes featuring artichoke hearts. Unfortunately I got a later start than I wanted to have enough time to boil the artichokes, and then the skins on the red potatoes were too fragile for me to scoop out the mash.

So we have skin-on-skin smashed potatoes, mixed with black beans and basil leaf, and given consistency and color with yogurt cheese.

For the bed of greens, I fried garlic and pine nuts with a little salt and minimal oil until they started to brown, and then sauteed whole organic green beans and quartered Brussels sprouts, with a little basil leaf for consistency. At various intervals I added a touch of seasoned salt here, a dash of cracked peppercorn, and occasionally splashed the wok with a handful of water to get a "steaming" effect going on.

For color and because they're so damn good, a bit of a cherry tomato medley for the serving.



...and it was tres bon! Good job cute boy!

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