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I'm going to start with the last one: Did anyone else see the Yankees get beat by 16 last night! Hahahaha... nice start Moose.

Art de Vany is quite a likable character: he writes with immeasurable wisdom on the science of food, he's an active 70-year old who loves sports - both performing and watching professionals, and he's an economist. He seems like a very even-headed and intelligent guy who's also fun: basically, who I hope to be in 50 years. Check out some of his writing here.

A new paper purports to give evidence that women are better at orienting themselves to healthier food sources, for evolutionary purposes. Men were hunters, women gatherers; thus, while men are generally better at navigation (required to get home after tracking an animal longer distances), when asked post-hoc to locate a particular food source, women more precise. Less convincing to me is their argument for the female predilection towards pink-red hues rather than blue-green. This article is worth reading for the summed up findings.

Is everything we know about saving the environment wrong? That's the title of an article in The New Republic ($1.25 an issue is probably worth it, assuming you're employed). I suppose I could be considered both a believer in "green" issues, as well as a skeptic; this article should give a good indication of why I'm not willing to radically put myself out for the purpose of not harming the environment: there's a good chance that I'm doing something else that harms something else. Economists are familiar with this problem.


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