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So I've officially moved from the land where palm trees sway, to the land where palm trees are fakes. Okay, well not native anyways.

Here's a link to my Picasa gallery, the Hawai'i photos are unorganized, and there's more, but I'm obviously not moving too fast on it.


Here's a picture of the apartment complex where I live, Monte Verde:

In fact, I'm off to "the clubhouse" now, for complimentary coffee, cappuccino, and cookies, and a quiet place where I can do my crosswords.

Perhaps later a photo of the apartment - we're in the market for a bookcase first, though.

And just so this post can have a tag: apropos to a discussion Leslie and I had not long ago about Phoenix versus Des Moines tap water, here's Dave Matthews Band with Don't Drink the Water.

I'm kidding, I drink the tap water here.


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