"Sopa de Tortilla"  

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Here's the rundown on dinner tonight: Totally inauthentic tortilla soup. Minus the tortillas, and hardly a soup. Hmm..

In other news, the new cheese grater that Leslie got from her grandmother got used for the first time!

First I started out with the stock portion, only instead of using stock I used diluted sodium liquid from a can of garbanzo beans. Into the salty water went the beans to start simmering with a little garlic and a couple spoonsful of capers. Then I quartered a lemon, with half the squeezed juice into the wok, and half into the pot. Then I cut out the remaining pulp, half again into the pot, while the other half went into the food processor. Then I zested the lemon and once more split the proceeds between pot and processor. I dumped in some red pepper and a pinch of sea salt, capped the pot and set on LO, and left that for a long time.

Here's that pot:

While I began to very slowly heat mushrooms with some garlic in oil, I used the food processor to chop up a fair amount of green onions, a handful of cilantro, more chopped garlic, and the lemon zest. Not too fine, you could still pick out which green was which, but it sort of chunked it all together at least. I poured most of it into the wok, the rest I dislodged from the sides and bottom with some water, lightly strained it, and added it to the "stock". The final touches were ready for the wok: about half a sliced red pepper cut lengthwise got tossed in with a sliced avocado, and I put a dome of de-stemmed spinach on to trap the low heat.

Here's the wok:


Then I went swimming. I'll leave the visual of the mixture to your imagination; served with tortilla chips and some feta cheese.


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