Congratulations from Kindergarten  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Miss Bee's class invited me to come down to their room and watch something "they had practiced". Sometimes I go down to watch a song or poem, but this time it was all the kinders saying congratulations and giving me a card!

Miss Bee gave me a big blue heart, and everyone in the class wrote me a letter. They had no idea exactly what was going on, but the enthusiasm was terrific! I hung them up on a bulletin board in the empty room next door.


Maybe this makes me a really bad sister, but I have no idea what they're congratulating you for. Did you finish your degree?

Congratulations Bret. We are very Proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Carlye: yep, all done!
@KB: thanks!

I guess I'm a bad mom too, I knew you were close but wasn't sure it was this close!! Congrats and knowing you the way I do I have to ask "Whats next in the learning department?" or are you taking a breather!!!

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