Arizona State Fair  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Miss Bee is taking a photography class with a colleague, and they had a field trip last night. Wednesdays are free at the Fair with a donation, so off we went to the Fairgrounds on the west side of downtown. First thing I noticed was the vintage Coliseum, which our friend informed us was the former home of the Suns. Built in 1965 and known as the Mad House on McDowell, the Coliseum holds a whopping 14,000 people. With moderate effort, I could determine how it compares in size to other defunct NBA arenas, but the effort is beyond me just now. It seems tiny, all I'm saying.

Here's my compatriots walking along the main food midway. The usual gross-yet-tempting and gross-and-WTF? fair fare is there, with perhaps a slight southwestern flair: chile relleno dogs, Navajo fry bread, and corn tamales seem unlikely in the midwest.

I took this to show my DSLR-toting companions how I would have set up this shot down the Goliath slide, and it turned out okay. I should have checked for a horizontal frame, but it gets the point across.

"Beer: Stronger than Sarsaparilla." Is that an endorsement?

Love the Ferris wheel.

The AZ event is relatively small compared to MN and IA (think county fair), but bottom line: the Fair is the Fair, no matter where you are. Good times.
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That is pretty late for a Fair, but I guess its always warm in AZ. But anyway, sounds fun.

And as far as NBA arenas go, I think you'd be surprised. Only 6 teams play in a stadium that has capacity 20,000+, with only one team over 21,000. In the 1980's, the average capacity was about 15,000, now it is about 19,000. The smallest current arena is the Kings ARCO Arena, holding 17,300.

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