Miss Bee Goes to Sports!  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

Miss Bee had not been to a professional sports contest that was not baseball before we went to the USAirways Center with the student council to watch the Suns battle the Golden State Chargers (she meant "Warriors").

Explaining the finer points of the game to a kindred non-sporting spirit.

An unusual piece of headwear elicits an unusual look.

We were in the nosebleed section, but the kids had fun.

Look out for some Halloween Monster March pictures coming soon.
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I think you look great Miss Bee.

Leslie at a sporting event!!! I actually went to Blaine's football game last night, the crowd was fun, can't say I knew much of what was going on on the field?
At least Leslie's smiling!!!

I actually had a great time at sports. Does that mean I want to go again...Well...as I taught my students, N-O spells NO!

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