Colorado Pictures Part 2  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

The climbers, L to R: Joe, Carlye, Bret, Leslie. Note the outstanding sartorial choices from the flat-landers.

Our intrepid leader, Alex.

This is more or less where Miss Bee and I called it quits for lack of breath. While we were sitting right where she is in the picture, a gentleman came climbing up over that jagged rock that Joe's leaning on. That was quite a surprise.

Flatiron 2: that's it behind us. The Boulderians got to the top of that peak in the middle of the picture.

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The whole time I was there I never actually saw the peak, between clouds and snow it was always covered!!! I think with a few rests you'd have gotten to the top!! I've seen you climb you're a goat!!!

I have to admit I googled Sartorial, I had no idea what it meant!!

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