New Shoes!  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

I finally got some Tom's Shoes last night - I'm very excited about them. For each pair you buy, one pair is given away. Check out their Our Movement page.

Unfortunately I can't find a picture online that shows them. This is a generic picture of Tom's. They're not in the Toms online store, and the fabric is made by Livity Eco-Textiles, which I can't find that much information about online.

The upshot is that the shoes are made of 61% hemp (benefits: one of the strongest natural fibers, grown with no pesticides, naturally anti-microbial) and 39% recycled plastic bottles. Pretty cool!

Also, I'm strongly considering the tan-and-white rope-sole Tom's for the wedding to match the Indigo linen suit I got at J. Crew.


I love the pair the little boy is wearing, the kids in the video are so sweet. Can you send this to Lori, I tried but I don't know how. Also do they have a catalog?

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