Field Trip to the Children's Museum  

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The building is an old school, painted and decorated for kids. Everything is really hands-on. It's a great field trip for young kids; I don't think I would take a 3rd grade class, but Pre-K to 2nd is good.This one's not mine, but what a great picture.

The view from the Noodle Forest - a great concept

A children's foot taxi

They rushed by so fast...

Some of our group in front of tubes that blow air really fast. When you put a ball or a handkerchief in they go sailing around and flying out a hole at the other end.

A six year old in size sixteens.

The art studio has this house that has been painted two million times.

Turned out badly, but this student said, "Look, you can see the whole wide world from here!"

The view from the top.

Future Easy Rider


I think I'm gonna cry! These are the sweetest pictures.

Future easy rider is right on!! At Perkins they LOVE those car and bike books. Whole wide world! Cute

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