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My survey-mandate did not include editorial opinions (nobody really said anything mean - I hoped the funny answers would make the criticism easier. I know it's hard to tell people they suck...) but I will say that Miss Bee and I both voted for Mr. Obama.

I'm not impressed with rioting in the streets and the messianic, Superman-worship directed his way. But I am not sure that anyone with a conscience could read the front page of the New York Times this morning about 80+ year old men and women involved with Dr. King's civil rights movement and not somehow feel that at least symbolically this is a beautiful gesture that our country has made. Please read this article A Time To Reap for Civil Rights Foot Soldiers if you're feeling disappointed by the choice of Mr. Obama.

There's plenty of literature out there for you to read, so I'll let you get to that. My contribution to the fray is a single by a couple of Kenyan-Americans, whose '-American' status was aided by the office of Senator Obama. Joined by two musicians from D.C., the duo known as Extra Golden released this East African benga-style track titled "Obama" on their 2007 album Hera Ma Nono. Nice and clean guitar, upbeat rhythm at first, this one gets down, dirty, and fuzzy as it tears through seven minutes of Africa-via-D.C. funk.

Extra Golden: "Obama"


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