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Here are some photos of Room 101 - aka The Corner Office.

My desk - L to R: daily schedule, quarter schedule, white board to-do list

The view from my desk

The view towards my desk

A dinosaur mural from the beginning of the year

The reading area, featuring bean bags and large pillows

Student desk area

The computer area

Felipe's art gallery

The U-table is where I do my teaching


I see that you, like Dad, also keep everything on your desk at right angles.
Very nice classroom, btw.

Yes, Carlye and the other night he was lining everything up on his night stand. His billfold, watch, nametag and chapstick. It was hilarious. I guess you know where everything is then don't you!!!! Your classroom looks so tidy and very big. How's that new student coming along?

The new one is working out alright - he's got an aide with him pretty much all day because he needs a lot of individual attention. But he's not loud and wild, so that's good.

Thanks for the comments everybody. I'm glad you can have a little fun at my OCD expense..

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