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I wrested control of the camera from Miss Bee one day last week and took the following photos of my students. To introduce:

Felipe is a 5th grader. He's wearing a bike helmet for no good reason.

Alex is a 6th grader, Anthony is a 5th grader. We were listening to "I Feel Good" by James Brown at the time.

Alonzo is a kindergartner. He's wearing a bike helmet because he's riding a trike.

Logan is a kindergartner with a tendency to turn away from the camera.

I also have been using the built-in camera on my computer as a tool for having some fun together. Here are some highlights.

Felipe looks awesome in this picture.

Ditto Anthony.

Miss Bee dropped by the room.

This didn't actually hurt, although it appears that Alex is ripping my head off.

This was a complete accident - I was trying to show Anthony's mom the pictures we had taken and hit the wrong button. It turned out relatively awesome though.


You look absolutely hilarious!!

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