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Been a hot minute since we had a good food post here, so I'll go two for one. First up was Miss Bee's contribution to Friday morning staff breakfast on the first week of school. She made whole wheat flour blueberry biscotti. I made some organic Ethiopian coffee to go along - the full 12-cupper!

The biscuits turned out really amazing.

Next was another Miss Bee creation: Belgian endives with quinoa, helped out by lots of spinach and Cheddar cheese. Lots of photos.

First the endives were sauteed a bit to soften them up.

Then the whole mess was baked for a while.

I'm not sure that any of these photos make the food look as delicious as it tasted. So you'll have to take my word.


mmmm! it's good to see cooking updates. I haven't done much too exciting, foodwise, but I had a lot of fun with the huuuuge zucchini mom gave me.

How about some recipe directions? We had the enchiladas the other night again, they were great.

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