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My colleague (and, um, girlfriend) is blogging again over at Miss Bee. She apologizes for the long wait. See her new post here.

To whet your appetite for elementary education, here's a quick anecdote. After school there's a madhouse of children going for cars lined up in the fire lane, walking home, self-immolating, etc. So the other day, one of Miss B's kids is being directed by his former kindergarten teacher to go to the car by me.

Ms. Kinder: "Saul, your car's over there. By Mr. S."
Saul: "That's not Mr. S. That's BRET!"

Same kid who cut a milk carton in half the day after Earth Day and wore it on top of his head like some kind of robot space cadet.

Oh, I found a picture of him...


See Please Here

adorable! Oh, and tell Lez I've been checking for the past four months for an update, so I'm pleased to see she's still alive and kickin'!

Also: cutest thing ever. You should post this so people can check it out. 19 pics of racing dachshunds:)


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