Dachshund races  

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If this picture doesn't make you want to check out the photo series Wiener Dog Races, there's something wrong with you. Or at least something different from me. 19 adorable pictures.

Hat tip to Sister Carlye. Gracias.


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What you should have said is if this picture doesn't make you want to go out and adopt an adorable little doxie than there is something depraved and wrong with you.

Bret and Lez;

Like Zig and Zoe these dogs are giving everything they got. Very cute.....reminds me of being chased home by a similar creature when i was 6 or 7. I realize whay I was so scared.....they look very fast....as far as adopting one...Zig not too big on any kind of dog addition at our casa....

I think I'd be in pure doggy heaven if I ever attended one of those races. Did you see all the people?
That's why we've had 3 of them!!!

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