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So at this point I've received mixed (ranging from ambivalent to negative, actually) reviews of my previous musical posts. First I tried the "Superstar Who Dominates Their Field" conceit, which I feel either went over the head of or was uninteresting to the audience (and a lot of work). There were a few posts with just a song or two; it's hard to know where to take that idea...I could post a song a day for years, just making myself happy. Then I tried the "Make a Mix; Compress It; Upload It"tack which was met with critical, familial, and friendly silence (I have three more to go here, folks). It takes forever to upload one of those mixes, so if anyone actually downloaded "Pickled Soul, Vol. 1" (still available here) and enjoyed it, let me know. There are two more to finish the alphabet, and a special hits collection I call "Pickle's Picks".

Anyhow, my new music concept is a beat deconstruction of the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique" album, produced by the Dust Brothers. Every song on the album has at least one high-profile sample; most of them have several. Since I own and really enjoy many of the songs, I've decided to post a few, song by song, going through the album. This should demonstrate the eclecticism of the Boys and the Brothers, give me something to do, and do some early hip-hop education.

For more information about "Paul's Boutique", hit up All Music Guide or This Guy's Page.

Track One is called "To All The Girls" and the only sample is boring. So on to #2. Ripped from Wikipedia:

Shake Your Rump

I don't love the Average White Band, Bambaataa is a little campy, and I just don't have most of them, but here come some jams fi' ya: "Good Times Bad Times", "Funky Snakefoot", "Unity", and "Get the Funk Out". Download this little mini-mix here. (Just click on it and it should begin the download dialog.)


Loved the first playlist, keep them coming. Just started downloading the current, I'll let ya know what I think.


I'm currently finding and cataloging all the samples used in this great album. not sure about the brother's johnson or indeed the Led Zep sample. The former seems like it's only referred to by wikipedia and not other Paul's lists I've seen online; I've never spotted a sample used in Rump - can you pinpoint it? Also I'd appreciate the same for Good Times, Bad Times I've listened and listened, the drum break used is supposed to come after the shake your rump chorus, but I'm not sure it's really there.

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