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So I've undertaken the giant and thankless task of properly tagging and organizing my iTunes library. I started with my "R & B/Funk" genre first, all 958 songs worth (none of this includes the 50+ GB on my external hard drive). After three weeks I'm into the artists beginning with S (caveat 2: I'm not listening to each individual song by artists whose entire albums I have, just singles, 7" records, B sides, the occasional re-pressed 12", etc.). As I've gone along, I've been making modern day mix tapes, going by alphabetical order.

Going under the pseudonym of "Pickle", I'm releasing a four volume set of mixes available to the general public for the right price: a friendly comment if you actually download and listen to the damn thing.

For "Pickled Soul, Volume 1: A-F", I have used a MacFUSE-based application called iTunesFS to easily create a Finder folder of all my iTunes playlists, and used the generic Mac OS X "archive" function to create a ZIP file of my playlist.

All you should need to do is click to download the zip file and unpack it (email me if you have questions).

Anyways, here is the ZIP file.

Tracklisting (which will appear just like this if you use iTunes):

A nice soulful mix of old R & B, doo wop, soul, and funky jams from back in the day. Enjoy!


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