Sorry, More Politics: Dems Diss NAFTA  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

From Greg Mankiw. Dr. Mankiw was an advisor to President Bush, was lead economist for Mitt Romney, and wrote the first macroeconomics text that I read.

Mainstream economic theory would, broadly speaking, be pro-free trade, and since I of course believe that the world would be better off everyone in positions of power were at minimum armchair economists, this makes me sad.

Both candidates in the Democratic primary have turned their backs on one of Bill Clinton's major accomplishments.

First, here is Barack Obama speaking of his opponent Hillary Clinton:
"Her supporting NAFTA didn't give jobs to the American people."
Hillary's defense:
"I was not in the Senate at the time. I did not have a vote. I find his argument to be quite tortured. I have been a vocal critic of NAFTA starting in my campaign for the Senate in 1999."


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