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I couldn't think of any unifying theme for this one, just a bunch of photos clogging up the old hard drive space. (Not really, as they're very small.)

Meet Ismail Iman. He's one of the students I work with in the self-contained autism class.

This is the potato and baby bello mushroom flatbread my mom and I made when the parents visited:

Here's Miss B.'s class with me and another student of mine, Alfred.

This is a silly photo, for the record.

Here's a meal. Not sure what it is.

Rochefort 8. I had the 10 a couple months ago, didn't think to photograph it. Messing around with the settings on the new camera.

Here's what a new Hummer looks like parked in our apartment complex's spaces.

Me at a bags tournament, known as "cornhole" 'round these parts. Thanks to Leslie for the hat and the consignment shop for the sweater.

Macayo's Mexican cantina. Playing around with the color settings again.

This one isolates the yellows.

Let's see that again in red.

And the Macro setting.

A pitcher of margaritas is too much for us.

But nonetheless, down it must go.


I love the silly photo. And I remember when that red and green hat was mine for awhile. What a good steal. Sorry Lez!

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