Puppies! And other dogs.  

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Lots of cute little guys in the puppy and kitten room today.

This fat brindle pit bull got a lot of pictures taken of him.

An onlooker:

Look at his tummy.

A silky gray pit bull mix.

One of the other volunteers said that this guy weighed three pounds:

Hiding under a cart:

To get a picture of this wiggle worm I had to hold it in one hand and shoot with the other.

An another of the gray boy.

A Staffordshire terrier.

Miss B. with a Welsh Corgi Pembroke mixed with Pit bull.

Fat boy.

Australian cattle dog/boxer mix was very playful but quite sad.

Another day with the dogs....


Hi, look here

The puppies are very cute, but that poor brindle puppy is sick. I adopted one just like hime from that pound, and from the size of that belly he's sick. Maybe worms? Poor puppy.

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