Brussels Sprouts and Purple Potatoes  

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Two quick meals and a link for good measure.

The first was a big hit, we just chopped up some new potatoes and stir-fried them with the normal goodies and added spinach.

Served over quinoa, a starch known as the Mother Grain, and a with some grated Gruyere over the top.

And tonight, we boiled Brussels sprouts, rolled them about in some oil with salt, and broiled for a few minutes until crispy. Served over re-heated quinoa with melted Gruyere, dressed with some salt and pepper. They were really good, and will be made again.

Finally, today I stumbled across a post on a blog called Zen Habits, that is talking about changing one's diet. I alluded to my efforts last fall as far as changing what I ate, and I think he has some good things to say about it. I definitely agree with him when he says to go slowly: I cut meat from my diet very abruptly and was plagued by headaches and feeling a bit weak at times, for about three weeks or a month. It was also 110 degrees every day...but go check out his 12-step program to eat healthy.


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