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I'm not a huge fan of spicy Christmas-style ales; I'm not a huge fan of many spices to begin with. I prefer herbal flavors, and hops being an herb, Alesmith Brewing Company's Yulesmith is right up my alley. Definitely a West Coast Double IPA, with almost barleywine levels of malt and viscosity. As noted above on Beer Advocate, comes in a winter and summer edition. Haven't had the pleasure of a summer, but enjoyed 2006's winter and this one tonight. Recommended if you can find it. My rating came to 4.35 out of 5; average was 4.37.

Also, the Trappist monks of Westvleteran were featured in the august pages of the Wall Street Journal, who apparently sent their most irritating reporter to check in on the brewing brothers. The article is perfectly harmless, with all of its facts straight I believe, but the video included with the online edition is just super-annoying. Read about what is possibly the most sought after beer in the world today with its combination of rich flavor and rare production here.


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