Maricopa County Animal Care and Control  

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Miss Bee and I are the newest volunteers, walking and feeding dogs, and helping out when the public comes in to look at dogs and cats.

A six year old German shepherd mix. Miss Bee found a friend. For posterity, our first dog that we took for a walk.
Playing ball in the kennel.


A little Pit bull mix puppy while I clean out his kennel.

His brother, whose not as reticent as you might think from this picture. They were both adopted.

A Basset hound/pit bull mix. He's low-slung and friendly, but you can see the pit in the coat, face, and strength.

This pictures shows his left paw turned out like a regular basset. This is one strange-looking dog.

I call this "Stray Cat".

Guess what. It rains here too.


What a great way to have a dog! THey look so pitiful. How long do you walk them?

yoo. good post :))

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