Potato and Leek Flat Bread  

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Recipe from "Real Simple" magazine, I believe.

In a pinch, Leslie whipped up a Shepherd's pie-type crust with Bisquick and eggs, and we covered it with red potatoes, vertically sliced leeks, and artichoke hearts and mushrooms from the olive bar at Safeway. Then we grated a little less than a cup of Gruyere over everything.

Bake for about 20 minutes at 450 degrees, and you get this.

I think maybe next time we should bake the cheese into the bread, as it caused the leak strings to stick together, making it difficult to get 1. bread, 2. potato-leek-cheese, and 3. mushroom or artichoke at the same time. And it might firm up the flaky "pie-crust" flat bread. But it was really delicious, and good left-over. Recommended for simplicity and flavor. Plus, leeks are fresh right now.

As are pomegranates and apples. Thanks to Mama Karen for providing us with an abundance of both. Look for some fresh applesauce, and hopefully some good pomegranate recipes, soon.


Can I move in with you? I'm hungry.

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