A Day In Food (No Pictures)  

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Breakfast: dried fruit (Craisins, Mont Morency Cherries, Mangos), a plum (thanks Nicole), coffee and a cookie

Lunch: I had some leftovers from Monday's potato and leek flatbread; Leslie had leftover Thai from Tuesday's dinner at Malee's in Scottsdale (thanks Nicole).

Dinner: Leslie made two rounds of biscuits, one plain and one with grated Gruyere. Those were my favorites. I grated two potatoes, chopped part of a large onion, should have grated in some cheese, and added a beat egg; these became latkes, albeit latkes cooked in a wok instead of on a griddle or frying pan so they were a bit ugly.

Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with frozen sugar cookies, and chocolate-covered edamame.

Post-dessert ale: Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR's Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Cascade hops are the primary aromatics, a good mix of floral and citric, while the yeast imparts a hint of esters. Solid if unspectacular.


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