Labor Day Tomato Soup  

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Leslie made tomato soup today that was delicious. We also had finger sandwiches on these amazing crackers from Costco.

The soup:
Sauteed garlic and diced sweet onion were joined by whole mushrooms, oregano, basil, cilantro, cracked pepper, sea salt, and a healthy pinch of crushed red pepper.

When these were crackling hot, a sixteen ounce can of diced tomatoes were added, stirred, and joined by a can of water. Which turned out to be hopelessly unnecessary since I was smart enough to grab another can of tomato sauce instead of tomato paste. So another 8 ounces of sauce were added, making a nice, well, soupy soup.

To firm things up a bit, some rice was stirred in and simmered with the soup for a while, and then a couple of large handfuls of spinach were added. The texture was much improved. Here's immediately post-spinach:

We enjoyed the soup with a dollop of yogurt cheese and a hunk of whole-clove garlic bread:

Questa zuppa di pomodora c'era squisito!

The crackers:
On one whole grain crackers, we spread hummus, while on the other end of the sandwich, Swiss cheese. In between were slices of cucumber with a couple of sun-dried tomatoes.

Also, RIP to the Beer Hunter Michael Jackson, an inspiring writer and the original Beer Advocate. More information in the New York Times obituary.


Can you guys move to Philly (tomorrow is preferable)? They probably need teachers here too and I'll pay you $60 a week if you let me join you for dinner. Think about it.

Seems like a reasonable amount...I'm sure I would like the beer scene in the Illadelph too.

I'm willing to quit this weather too. When 104 seems 'nice'...

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