"It's Reversed"  

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That's the theme of Thursday's Daniel Bryant puzzle. It took me a while, but there were a lot of distractions as well as a difficult theme. Answers: Untied Front (Wardrobe Malfunction); Martial Bliss (Mood After Military Victory); Landing Sties (Where Porcine Pilots Arrive?). Did you know that "moil" means to work hard? Obviously I had 'toil' for a long time. "A-Rod" and "Maris" both make the puzzle, but so does "BOS" for A.L. City on the Scoreboard. Equal opportunity A.L. East today:

Cool music video for Aesop Rock's new single "None Shall Pass". I've had this song for several months; it was included on Stones Throw's White Label mix. I never loved the song, but revisiting it was nice. Check out the stop-motion animation, and maybe Aesop's new rekkid, produced by him and longtime collaborator Blockhead (also with a new album out "Uncle Tony's Coloring Book") and El-P. What up Def Jux?

I saw Aesop rock it live (sup Ollie); I didn't realize he was white just from his music. I loved his forearm tattoos, very Yorkeian: "Must Not Sleep" says one. "Must Warn Others" replies, well, the other.


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