Interesting people that live in my complex  

Posted by Wayne Bretski

This morning at the gym I met an interesting group of three; one giant black guy who looked like he spends a lot of time there, a dread who was about 5'4'', and a middle-aged Mexican, also tiny. They were all doing the same workout, which was a little strange, had a cooking show at peak volume on one TV, and "The Outlaw Trail" with Robert Redford on the other TV. Then I went downstairs to do the crossword and have coffee. For a while, this was the group all having a conversation:
-Roy, a 30 y/o b-boy breakdancer who I see in the gym all the time, telling me about the upcoming battles
-Michelle, a 22 y/o software support technician who's really into capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art/dance, and who's also a dominatrix, talking to me about hip hop and comic books
-Michael, everyone's favorite gay Filipino assistant property manager, living vicariously through Michelle
-Gerald, an African American with Down Syndrome, asking where are the cookies and drinking hot chocolate
-(Didn't catch his name), a Serbian ex-pat from Belgrade, who asked me for help connecting to the wireless
-Bonnie, our next door neighbor who I met just yesterday, who is from Okoboji, IA, with her young child


Sounds alittle like our neighborhood, if you really get down to it we've got some characters. Sybil, Jeff, Amy and "friends" the whole Reilly family! No gays anymore, that I know of.
The mushroom dinner looked really good!!

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