Rice and Beans  

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In a new twist on vegetarian cooking, tonight dinner was based on...rice and beans!

After two false starts (not hot enough, oh wait, wrong burner), basmati rice finally started to boil. In the wok, chopped garlic and oil heated up a good handful of cilantro, and quite a bit of leafy basil. Sliced zucchini followed shortly thereafter, and rounded out the "green" lineup, and a half can of kidney beans also was added.

The "red" team was comprised of one carrot, chopped, and a half of an orange pepper. I added a scoop of red pepper/artichoke tapenade (visible in the center of the bowl), as well as some feta crumbles and a dollop of yogurt cheese to serve. Nothing exciting, but tasty and filling.

By the by, Trader Joe's yogurt cheese doesn't get a lot of love from google, but you can see from various message board posts (especially the Chowhound one, I read the site and like it) that it is at least somewhat popular. I'm totally enamored: it can replace milk, cream, cheese, cream cheese, plain yogurt, and sour cream in a recipe. And half and half, or whatever other dairy product you wish. It's amazing. And it's just fine to spread on crackers or a chunk of bread. I'm not sure what it "is" exactly, it's yogurt but doesn't share that consistency, and they call it cheese but it's not that consistency either. It's most like whipped cream or maybe margerine in that it holds its shape but also spreads easily, but it's not light and fluffy or particularly smooth. It's just wonderful.


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