Dinner Last Night, and a picture of the pool  

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You won't notice a radical change between last night's dinner and the one before. Over a base of cous cous, we've got garbanzo beans, basil leaves, sliced zucchini, peeled tomatoes, and the other half of the orange pepper.

Served with a handful of cherry tomatoes and yogurt cheese.

Also, here's a photo of the pool that's right out back of the apartment:


Hey Buddy,
This is pretty cool! I checked out Miss Bee too. Thanks for rubbing in the pool thing. It's 90 and humid!!!!!
Your recipes look good, I think you've gone beyond my culinary skills!!! Glad to see Carlye's embraced the cooking thing alittle more, we had acooking talk, I think it helped, you're good for her!!!

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