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First things first: Happy Birthday Mom!!

In sports news, Hank Aaron proves that it's very important to Listen Closely. Apparently in his JumboTron speech after Bonds' 756th, he pokes a deliberate yet subtle jab at the new record (and by extension it's holder). Check out more here.

Art de Vany reviews Bonds vs. Aaron vs... well, everyone else. Here. Lots of math, but sort of interesting.

Tiger = 13. Wow.

Cousin Jay's Scotland pictures up.

Crosswording this weekend: tough Sunday puzzle with some obscure clues. No screenshot, as I didn't finish it myself. Here's the Friday though, easy for one of those:

I finished in under 20 minutes, which is good for me. And today's was a beefy Monday, but it didn't take me very long at all. I finished in 6 minutes:

Not particularly impressed with any of the clues. A typo: the Montgomery Clift film theme (Daily Papers: Star, Sun, Times, Post) answer should be A Place In The Sun. My mistake. One clue that interested me was the Latin for "and all others". I've always seen it spelled "et alia" but this puzzle's answer is "et alii". I guess I should look into that.

Also, my dad summited Long's Peak in Colorado, near Estes Park, which was a crossword answer. Here's Pops on top.

Also, here's a link to some fuzzy economics by Democratic presidential candidates. I have some issues with the parser's critiques in some cases (like 30 million American jobs since NAFTA: many trade economists would argue that more would have been created without, etc.) but anyways, he's not on the ballot to run the country.

Finally, Undercover Economist Tim Harford reviews Marginal Revolution hero Tyler Cowen's new book. Check it out at the Financial Times.

I think I promised new Common in the header. So here goes "Play Your Cards Right" off the new album Finding Forever.


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