Of BitTorrent, and New Music Tuesday  

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By show of hands, who here uses P2P programs to acquire music, video, etc.?

BitTorrent is my preferred alternative to security catastrophes like Kazaa, et. al. It's not a program so much as a platform. I'm new to it as well, so I'll turn it over to the guys at Lifehacker.org:
Beginner's Guide
Slightly More Advanced User's Guide

Btw, I use Transmission as my downloading client, I've heard good things about xTorrent as well.

Also, in new music news today, we've got..

UGK's 'Underground Kings' is now out on DVD,
Public Enemy's 'How Do You Sell Soul to People Who Have Sold Their Soul' is reissued,
and a James Brown 'Singles' comp drops.

Also, Zap Mama has a new album "Supermoon" out; Marie Daulne is probably my favorite Belgian-Zairean soul chanteuse. Featuring songs in French, English, and "pygmy onomatopoeic vocal techniques", Zap Mama deliciously blends African soul with European and urban production. I point you to Yaku, off of 2004's 'Ancestry in Progress', and recommend that you turn up the bass.

Finally, the Flight of the Conchords have an album out. I think they're funny, plus, the sidekick's name is 'Bret', just like that. I don't have a TV, so I don't know if their show on HBO is a flop or not - maybe one of these days I'll grab a Torrent..

**Huge update: Lifehacker has posted up a carnival of BitTorrent goodness. Check yo' self before you wreck yo' self: here."


You may know of it, but Soulseek (www.slsknet.org) is an impressively simple and useful P2P. It's more effective than Torrents if you have many people on one network (such as at colleges), but less so otherwise.

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