Garlic S.O.S. potatoes/Spicy stir fry  

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Perhaps an odd combination tonight: Mashed potatoes with a peppery stir fry. Here's how it came to be:

First I had minced garlic boiling along with the potato medley. When those were done, I added a bit more sea salt, mixed in a bit of shredded cilantro and spinach, and topped with sliced green onions and yogurt cheese. That was piled into half a dish.

While I was doing that, Leslie was working on the wok. One can of black beans, one can of kernel corn, a chopped tomato and half of a chopped yellow pepper were the main ingredients. Over medium heat, cilantro, green onion, and spinach were added, along with a good dose of crushed red pepper.

I poured vegetables into the other half of the bowl until full, and topped with a sprinkling of nuts. Then a cantaloupe was quartered, half of which was served. Fin.


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